Top 7 Most Cliché Stock Images Used in Web Design

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Sometimes clients ask us to implement ‘not-so-unique’ elements into our designs and sometimes it seems almost impossible to convince them otherwise, however, hopefully this post can suggest some reasons why not to use the old web design stock imagery clichés.

I will do this simply by showcasing the most generic and cliché stock images (still) used in web design today. Please also take note that there is nothing wrong with using any of these images if used appropriately.

The Four Part Series

Below is the fourth article.

The Business Handshake

The Call Center Woman / Man

Group Of Business People

The Rising Finance Graph


Tech Paraphernalia

The World / Globe

How To Avoid Using Cliché Stock Imagery

Avoiding clichés in web design may be difficult especially when the client wants a particular image however the best way to get around it is to ask “why”. Why do you want that that particular image used? Is there another way to portray that without the use of cliché stock images? Always ask yourself what you are trying to communicate and then work from that.

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Is there any other cliché imagery you think should be added to this list?