This Design includes 4 versions of the file.
• CorelDRAW (CDR)
• Adobe Illustrator (AI)
• Adobe Reader (PDF)
• Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

Personal Business Card Design – A conjuncture Card Design created in every detail has arrived. The combination of two basic colors like black and white makes a strong presentation. The black part has also dark squares that form a tessellation. Every dark square is in the same line for showing that even the life of your business is in the right way. In the heart of the Designed Card, you can write your mission. General information written in black colors has a totally white wall. The utilization of black color here is minimalistic but necessary. As the name of the card is ‘Personal Card’, this can be used in every business that you want especially in the service industry. In case you want to purchase the full Branding of this product you can obtain it in the link attached to the letters in bold here: BRABRANDING33

Say Hi! to the Designer: @brolin.typobrand