Inspiring Intimidation Updated 2019

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I announced a few days ago that I was attending the two day Australian design conference, Semi Permanent… well this article is a semi review of it.

Inspiring Intimidation

Yes the conference was inspirational – very much so – yet it was also quite intimidating, which I suppose is just natural. For 6 hours each day, one listened to leading industry professionals talk about their design process, work, awards and in some cases, their income.

After hearing all of these leaders speak about their achievements there really was no other choice butto feel some form of intimidation which ironically, is quite uninspiring… It makes you think to yourself “am I actually any good?” which obviously can take a toll on your self confidence & motivation.

Anyway, here are some things to remember:

  • Everyone was a beginner at some stage
  • You improve over time
  • Luck can come your way at any time
  • With knowledge comes power
  • …but with power comes responsibility
  • Be comfortable of where you are at but know where you want to go
  • Explore, experiment and practice
  • Take risks but be aware of your limitations
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Be aware of ‘fakers’

Intimidating Logo Design

Icebergs © Nick Russill

To put this into perspective, I will put this into a scenario that I am most familiar with. Many of you may know that I specialise in logo and identity design however this was not always the case.

Before I was specialising in logo design, I was always fascinated by other professional logo designs and designers such as the many talented ones found over at LogoPond. Little did I know that many of these logo designs were actually fictional.

Designers create ‘exceptional’ logo designs, based on made up names / themes (ie. no real client) which are then blended to create a seemingly ‘perfect’ logo. Although this has been pointed out before, it can be extremely intimidating… you think to yourself “I could have never come up with a design like that”.

This relates back to the design conference where such mind blowing work was being shown off…   you compare the awesome work to the skills you believe you currently have which then results in a sense of awe and in some cases, intimidation.

The point I am trying to make here is that while on the surface something may seem great and all inspiring, there is much more than to it that – much more. Don’t be uninspired by intimidating inspiration, just get out there and do your best, you’re time will come.