How to create a Web page that will boost business and build your brand

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Last week I was approached by a New York Post journalist, Faye Penn, who found me by Googling ‘graphic designer NYC‘, of which I am fortunate enough to have the #1 search position for. Faye wanted to interview me for her next article on the topic of building a web business. I happily accepted and I soon found myself answering a variety of questions on the topics of SEOsocial mediabranding and online business.

A few days later, I had a photographer around to my apartment in NY and today the article went to print. You can view the article in print below or read it online here: How to create a Web page that will boost business and build your brand.

For those playing at home, you can find the article as the cover story for the Work section and can be found on Page 39, of the Monday 18th 2011, New York Post.

Below is a short snippet from the article:

By one measure, Jacob Cass is the top graphic designer in New York City.

It’s not because he’s won a million awards or runs a big design firm. Nor does he specialize in food-truck design.

What he does possess: a Web site,, that tops the results when you type “freelance graphic designer NYC” and its variations into Google, a feat Cass achieved through back-end fiddling, weekly blogging on design topics and intelligent site architecture.

According to a recent study by Optify, the first three organic (nonpaid) results in a Google search get 58.4 percent of clicks, with more than half of those going to the first entry. As a result, Cass never has to look for work; he claims to receive a half-million site visits a month ,and 15 substantial project leads a week.

“All of my business comes through my Web site,” says Cass, 23. “I don’t do any advertising at all.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Below you can see a scan of the article in print. You can click the images below to view them larger.

New York Post Jacob Cass
New York Post Jacob Cass Page 2

One thing that did catch my eye was the poorly positioned hyphen in my Twitter username. Got unlucky there, but the link from NY Post sure makes up for it!

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