This design includes 4 versions of the file.
• CorelDRAW (CDR)
• Adobe Illustrator (AI)
• Adobe Reader (PDF)
• Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

Charts Flyer Design – A subtly Business Flyer made in three warm colors (red, orange, yellow), black and white. There are two models for this Design only in one side. The first one is in black background. The basic info contact is put on the left on the rods and the tittle in the black field. The second one has a different design, its is made in white background where the basic contact info is put. On the right side is the quadratic squares area with the three warm colors mixed on a Chessboard shape. This design can be used for Construction Companies operating paving and producing tiles, but also for dying and coloring shops. The price is reasonable and the Design is superb! If you want to download the ‘Card Design’ version you can  get it through the link in bold letters here: BRABUSINESSCARD49

Say Hi! to the Designer: @brolin.typobrand