2 Years Journey – Brannet Market

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Brannet Market‘s graphic design agency was founded by two people. A boy and a girl, from their homeland to common traces.

Our name

The meaning of the name Brannet includes the union of these two youths. Our Market is still in development phase, but since the founding date until today has passed 2 years and Brannet has developed a lot. This is thanks to the tireless work of its founders.

The boy, who has practically had to deal with everything, direction, management, design and graphics, marketing with the massive support of his partner, on the way to Brannet. The road started off with zero graphics and today, after one year, it has over 600 graphics ranging from simple to complicated.The Brannet Market flourishes her flower leaves the tireless work of the boy and daughter who gave her breath and life.

The difficulty of the boy and daughter was unmistakably because they did, in parallel, build their own dreams and work to give Brannet life with the expense and investment they needed, and also to sustain themselves. Both work for Brannet in the distance by coordinating their work, bringing little or no fruit every day.

Thank You!

Brannet clicks grow minute by minute. When this dream started, it was never thought that we would have such results in such a short time.Thank you for following us on our tour every day. The more you see from Brannet Market in the coming days.


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