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A lot of people have been asking how I managed to get $11,000 worth of prizes in my latest competition so I thought I would share with you how I managed to do so… I present to you how to get sponsors for giveaways & competitions.

There are 3 ways that work best (in order):

  1. Direct Email Likely Sponsors
  2. Call For Sponsorship On Your Blog
  3. Use Your Other Social Networks

1. Direct Email Likely Sponsors

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This is by far the best way to get sponsorship, especially for the larger prizes. Below I will guide you through how I wrote one of my emails to Threadless when asking for sponsorship.


(1) Gday Bob,

(2) This is Jacob Cass here from Just Creative Design, I hope this email finds you well. (3) I am a big fan of Threadless and the T Shirt community and (4) I was wondering if you could help me out in regards to sponsoring a shirt or two for a MASSIVE prize giveaway that I am holding on Just Creative Design for my blog’s 1st birthday.

(5) I have a loyal fan base of about 8700+ subscribers and the site sees over 20,000 page views a day so you would get some great exposure if you could kindly donate a shirt (or something else?) to the cause.

(6) I really want to give back to the community and my readers… Of course credit and links would be given back.

(7) Anyway, if you do have something to offer please get back to me.

(8) Thanks and hear from you soon.


Jacob Cass


  1. Always address the person by name if you can find it. Look hard for it.
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Add a compliment relating to their business. Do not make it a generic email.
  4. Ask for sponsorship.
  5. Tell them what they will get out of it.
  6. Tell them why you are doing it.
  7. Don’t assume they will sponsor you.
  8. Close nicely.

2. Call For Sponsorship On Your Blog

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The second recommended way to get sponsorship is to write a blog post asking your readers if they will sponsor something for your competition or giveaway. Tell them what they will get in return. Make it easy for them to sponsor. You can see my original call for sponsorship below.

In a few weeks Just Creative Design is turning 1 year old and to celebrate I am holding a MASSIVE design group writing project with LOTS (I mean lots) of prizes. This is going to be huge!

Back in June I held my first group design project and I managed to gather $5000 worth of prizes(including an electric guitar) when I had less than 2000 subscribers so I wonder what can be done with 8300+ subscribers?

I am not going to tell you much more for now but if you want to sponsor you will get many links back to your website from this website and from other blogs posting about this contest – plus a warm giddy feeling that you are donating.

To Sponsor

To sponsor a prize please email me (jacobcass [AT] justcreativedesign [DOT] com) with the prize you are kindly willing to donate along with a link to your website so I can link back to your site and the value in $ of your prize. For prize ideas see what was donated last time.

Excited? I am.

3. Use Your Other Social Networks

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If you have a good following in any social networks send out a request for sponsorship in that network. Everyone has their own preferred network (ie. Digg, SU, DesignFloat, Twitter) so use them to your advantage.

Personally I am quite active on Twitter and Facebook… I sent out numerous Twitter’s asking for sponsorship and then those messages then got retweeted by friends and so fourth. Follow Me On Twitter.

I also have a Just Creative Design group on Facebook of which I sent out a mass message to all of it’s members asking for sponsorship.

This mass message method doesn’t usually work as well so I would try doing the first two methods, it really does pay off.

Well there we have it, how to get sponsors for giveaways and competitions! What other tips do you have?